Installation of telephone services

This information is provided as part of a public notice that All Saints is apply to the Consistory Court of the diocese for permission to carry out the Installation by Openreach of essential connection services.


In order to provide broadband and telephone connection to All Saints Church (1509), the PCC has moved to install a telephone line into All Saints. Openreach have surveyed site and developed a proposal to access the church using an underground cable coming across the road from an existing line opposite the church building. The line will continue underground along Child’s Hill Walk (a council path passing by the East end of the Church), approaching the vestry door. The line will then enter the building under the door step and coming up through the floor for the connecting box to be fitted on the wall inside the vestry entrance to the left of the door. The external works will be achieved by digging a trench and then a core drill will be used to enter the building under the door step coming vertically up through the floor inside.

Please note, this application is for confirmatory faculty with respect to any change to the fabric of All Saints Church. Any permission with regards to the public highway is being sought from Barnet Council.

Openreach Proposal

The duct will approach the church step in a trench roughly 1 foot wide by 1 foot deep. A core drill will then be used to come under the door step and up through the floor inside the church at WP 2 (below).