We are commissioning an artwork honouring the dedication of the Childs Hill Community, NHS staff, essential workers and unseen carers and in loving memory of our friends and loved ones who have been touched by the Covid 19 Pandemic. The memorial is intentionally going to be located on the outside of the church, facing Child’s Hill Walk, as a point of remembering and to be a sign of our communal perseverance and of hope for the whole community.

11 June – 1.30pm – Workshop

Come Share your lockdown story and be a part of this exciting community project

Artist Sophie Hacker invites you bring two things to an afternoon workshop:
1. Your story of how you lived through the global Covid pandemic – it may have been easy or difficult, you may have lost people dear to you, you may even now be living with the consequences of the illness.
2. Something that represents part of your story; a word, an object that reminds you of someone you lost, or helped you cope (maybe a new hobby, the discovery of online quizzes, an unexpected pet, your neighbours, help you may have received)

If you would like to attend, please download and complete the registration form and return to Fr Robin by email, delivering to the church to book or you can phone if you have any questions.

The Concept

During a fire in 1940 All Saints suffered significant damage and couldn’t be restored until 1952. When it was restored the windows at the East end of the building couldn’t be restored and were blocked in. Now, 70 years later, the proposal is that artist Sophie Hacker will create a set of decorated glass panels which will fill the spaces where the windows once were. The images on the glass will reflect the experiences and people of Child’s Hill. How we coped and how others helped and supported us through.

The Artist: Sophie Hacker

Sophie Hacker specialises in Church Art. She is an advisor for A+C, the UK’s leading organisation in the field of visual art and religion, and a Visiting Scholar at Sarum College. Since 2006 she has been involved in both the display, production and curation of artworks for Winchester Cathedral. She is an Artist Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass, and a member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters.

Recent commissions include stained glass windows, chapel crosses, vestments and altar frontals, and ecclesiastical silver as well as a range of private commissions in sculpture and glass.

She is currently working on a large-scale project for HMP Bronzefield to create 16 new windows inspired by the stories of residents.

Contributing to the Project

We hope you will be able to attend the workshop and contribute that way. The project will, however, cost around £20,000 to complete and so we are looking for financial help too. Whatever you can contribute towards the project we would be most grateful. Contributions can be made with cash or cheque in an envelope marked ‘Covid Memorial’ delivered to the church or vicarage, electronically by bank transfer with the reference ‘Covid Memorial’ or by clicking on the button below.