Church Walk Verge Improvement

When Church Walk (the former church and vicarage drive) was adopted by the council in the 1960s, All Saints Church held onto the ownership of the verge in order to ensure it wouldn’t become developed or paved over, and to ensure that the leafy nature of the road was maintained.

The development of the Oakley Gardens site has done a great deal of damage to the verge. Now that work is almost complete and residents have begun to move in it is important that we do something to repair the damage done and make it possible for the verge to re-grow.

A greener neighbourhood

On the section of verge opposite All Saints Church many have been helping to clear, tidy and plant. This, along with efforts being made to plant more trees and flowers locally is making a real difference. Thanks to all who have helped, whether clearing, planting, or supplying plants.

Proposed Improvements

Renewal of Land

We are proposing to rotivate the soil compacted by traffic and install an edging to protect from cars and trucks.

Reducing waste

We hope to reduce the level of fly-tipping and rubbish by maintaining the verge, removing or hiding bins and reminding people not to fly tip.


We will create a list of preferred plants which anybody who wants to donate a plant, perhaps in memory of somebody, can select

Seating in Church Walk

It has also been suggested that having some communal seating towards the Finchley Road end of Church Walk would be helpful.

Photo by Marco Biondi on Unsplash

Have Your Say

We would love to hear your opinion on what we are planning.

Historic Planting

Child’s Hill Community Gardening Facebook Group

Child’s Hill Walk

The path that leads from Church Walk to Cricklewood Lane has also undergone some work in the last 12 months. The next steps in plans to improve this path is to prepare the wall for a community art project and to start putting in some colourful planting. Watch out for more about this soon.