This year we are joining with the Diocese of London‘s Lent Appeal, raising money for our partner churches in Angola and Mozambique (ALMA Link). The focus of the Appeal is to raise money to buy powerful trucks to help churches and Bishops provide instant practical help where it is needed after the extreme climatic events that are happening due to climate change.

Day by day, the effects of climate change are making the headlines. Whether it is the heavy rainfall and flooding experienced in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire towards the end of last year or the severe drought, and now devastating forest fires being fanned by heavy winds and extreme heat in eastern and inland Australia, weather experts agree that these changes in our weather world-wide are due to climate change.

How you can help

Use a jar or a tin and keep you pennies. Maybe if you give up a morning coffee during Lent you could put the £2.50 into the tin instead. There are labels in church which can be inserted into a jar or wrap around a tin or box.

Come along to Wednesday Lunch clubs at All Saints and put money in the jar, equivalent to what you might pay for lunch, and the money will be collected to go to Wheels for Climate Change Emergencies.


In this western African country, the newly created diocese in this country needs to respond with one truck to an area the size of 481,321 sq mi, twice the size of France or of Texas. Here the country is facing a significant drought in the south and has been exacerbated by below average and erratic rainfall. According to USAID, the country is responding to climate variability after nearly three decades of civil war. “Extreme rainfall events and temperature changes are expanding the range and transmission period for disease vectors. Sea level rise is placing coastal populations (approximately 50 percent of the total population) and infrastructure at risk of inundation and storm surge.” (USAID, Accessed Jan 2020)


In this eastern African country, the Diocese of London is associated with the three dioceses of Lebombo, Nampula and Niassa, together they are covering a land mass the size of Turkey or 309,475 sq mi (801,537 km2), it is the world’s 36th-largest country. For each diocese there is one truck. In the last year, there has been two cyclones to hit the country. Firstly, Cyclone Idai in March 2019, that that was probably the worst ever natural weather related disaster to hit the whole of the southern hemisphere. (National Geographic, Accessed Jan 2020), and it moved in from the sea to cause massive devastation in the southern part of the country and continue towards Zimbabwe.